My Neopets Gallery

Yes, I still play Neopets and I really enjoy it. My account on there is 13 years old and I do not plan on giving it up.

My Theme

I really enjoy the look of the Faerieland and Faerie Food. I have been working on a Faerie Food gallery for some time. My gallery includes all items found in the Faerie Food category as well as foods from other categories that are Faerie themed.


I split my Gallery into categories based on the type of Faerie they are, though some Faeries like Illusen and Jhudora have their own section. There is also a general section for faerie foods that do not fit into a specific Faerie category. Lastly, I have found other items that should be considered Faerie Food, but are not. These are put into their own category.

Needed Items

All Needed Items are not sorted by the categories, but instead made into one big list so that I can easily keep track of what I have left to collect.